Get Your Shine On!


Do you have any “silly” or interesting rituals, like when kids try to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks?  When it comes to my Seahawks fandom, I’m pretty ridiculous because I “know” my actions throughout the week impact the game.  I’ll hold yoga poses for 12 counts, dry my hair to multiples of 12, schedule FB posts for the 12th minute, and when the average pace on my run is above 7:10 I’ll aim to finish at 7:12.  I share my hilarity because I seriously believe each of us impacts others, events, and reality more than we imagine.  YOU MATTER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We live in a participatory world, wherein we’re born with choice, voice, and impact.  We get to join in the creation of the reality we dream of.  We are prayers with hands, heaven with faces, and Love with feet.  We’re sparks of the Divine meant to light up the world!

As Rumi says, “Stop acting so small.  You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”  Every kind word, healing thought, feeling of empathy, experience of connection, joyous smile, giving action, hug, and so on makes the world more beautiful.  With that in mind, today I invite us to get our shine on!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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