What Lights You Up?

What lights you up like a perfectly decked out Christmas tree?  What makes work and chores easy or fun?  What brings meaning to your life, or is your purpose?  In “As You Think”, philosopher and author James Allen says: “You will become as great as your dominant aspiration. … If you cherish a vision, a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it.”  This brings to my mind how in yoga we talk about the importance of a Drishti, a gaze or centering point that grounds, balances, and uplifts us. In the same way focusing our eyes on a steady object helps us become more steady in a challenging physical yoga pose, aligning our life with something big and amazing makes our lives big and amazing … even amidst the struggles and stresses.

While I’m a huge fan of personal growth, this gets beyond that.  While self-help starts and can remain an ego-driven and self-focused endeavor, purpose and meaning are bigger than and beyond ourselves.  This, in my experience, is what Jesus meant by saying we must lose our lives to find them.  When our dominant aspiration centers on our self, and let me be the first to admit I return to this space on the daily, we stay our small self.  Yet, when we let that smallness go in favor of aligning our dreams with things like communal flourishing, collective unity, and corporate compassion, our lives explode in the most blissful way!

With that in mind, today I invite us to consciously center our “gaze” and energy on something big and beautiful that lights you up!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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