Creating an Upward Spiral

Do you ever feel haunted by your past?  Are there moments where something in the present triggers a negative memory, which then goes into loop mode in your head and sends you on a downward spiral?  Me neither! 😉 On a serious note, though, the other day I found myself in said place; stuck in my head replaying crap from years ago, plummeting like an airplane with no wings.  Fortunately, I remembered on Super Soul Conversations Lady Gaga told Oprah when she’s trapped in an inner funk, one of the best cures she’s found is doing something kind for someone else!  So, I did decided to do something kind for Lisa and you know what?  It TOTALLY worked!

In Blissology, my yoga school/family, we talk about creating an “upward spiral”, whereby instead of letting the weight of life drag us down, we focus on the AMAZINGNESS of existence, and allow it to LIFT us up!  Eoin Finn, Blissology’s founder, says the two basic tenets of this movement are cultivating gratitude and Prana, the yogic word for life-force and breath.  After my aforementioned experience, I’d add Love, giving of yourself for the thriving and flourishing of others, to the list.

Deciding to purposefully nurture gratitude, aliveness, and loving-kindness will turn your life’s “volume” to FABULOUS!  While simply sharing, journaling, and/or contemplating for 15+ seconds 3 things you’re thankful for will radically brighten your being; adding choosing activities, foods, drinks, and relationships that make you feel more energized and healthier, plus doing kind things for others to the mix will create a volcano of bliss.  With that in mind, today I invite us to collectively create and ride an upward spiral by choosing gratitude, Prana, and Love!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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