Grace is God’s Middle Name

My daughter Lara’s middle name is Grace.  I have a hunch if Spirit, Life, Reality, God, or whatever name/word resonates with you had a middle name, it’d be Grace as well.  You see, “grace”, as I’m talking about it, means “gift”; neither deserved nor undeserved, but freely given.  If I think about it, I truly own nothing.  I didn’t make Lang; and while my parents participated in my birthing, at a deep, fundamental, and True way, they didn’t either because where did “Langness”, in all the unique, ever-shifting strengths, insecurities, passions, interests, doubts, opinions, and beliefs that form “me” even come from?  Grace!

“Gravity is the force that brings all material things together; Grace is its spiritual counterpart.”  When my friend Jessica Mahler shared these words from our teacher Eoin Finn my soul sang!  Each life, breath, friendship, step, house, car, job, moment, meal, glass of wine, day, conversation, raindrop, cooling breeze, sunrise, sunset, hug, smile, dog barking down the street causing our dog to get spun up and bark back downstairs as I write this, and even (when we have eyes to see it) the struggles and trials in life are all gifts!

Grace is inherent to reality; NOT an accident or additive, but hard baked into the nature of things.  While Love is the Flow of life, Grace is the dance move that bring us into the rhythm.  We give and receive in ALL the ways (Love), because we realize ALL life is a sacred gift (Grace)!  I can’t prove this, but it not only makes sense to me, it makes things better.  How do you see and experience Grace?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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