Awakening to Your Wise Guide on the Inside

Where does wisdom come from?  How did, and do, I know my wife Lisa was “the one”?  My fingers and toes, heart, and mind all told me.  What I’m saying is there’s a divine brilliance within each and every one of us; and we awaken to this deep wisdom when we open the channels to, and balance the intelligences of our minds, bodies, and hearts.  The knowingness of your wise guide on the inside, the Holy Spirit, your soul’s intuition, or whatever descriptor resonates with you, comes most freely and clearly to you when the intelligences of your intellectual, physical, and emotional centers are all working together in harmony.

Wisdom is a total being endeavor, both verbal and wordless, simultaneously rational and beyond rationality, and characterized by clarity, calm, centeredness, and joyousness.  While we’re each born with a favored center of intelligence, the West has massively over emphasized our minds to the detriment of our bodies and hearts.  Our physical knowingness is a felt sense honed by things like skiing, driving stick, playing an instrument, learning to type, yoga, and hugging.  Your emotional brilliance is the way you can quickly take in and respond to life and others in an empathetic way.  Finally, the gift of our minds is to, like Spock, logically and dispassionately evaluate and react to things.

What center of intelligence do you favor?  I’m biased toward my brain.  Who wants to join me in balancing and harmonizing the brilliance of our minds, bodies, and hearts, so we can more fully awaken to the powerful wisdom within?  Warning, side effects include clarity, calm, and confidence, with an inner smile!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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