Dancing With Life Like a Jujutsu Master

I’m balding, need more sleep than when I was younger, am starting to grow hair in new and “fun” places like my ears, have all sorts of scars, and am getting evermore gray-haired and wrinkled.  When I dislike such physical and life changes in myself or others, I suffer.  When I yearn for something that used to be, or never actually was, I manifest hurt.  If I live worrying about or longing for the future, I create pain for myself.   Do you know what I mean?  In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle wrote: “To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness.”

A valuable life lesson I’m still learning is: Ruminating on the past, fretting about what’s to come, and complaining about what IS, is wasted energy, time, and life.  Instead, we learn from the past to forge a better future by being in the present and dancing with life as it is like a Jujutsu master!  You know how the martial art of Jujutsu is about using the force and power of your opponent to your advantage?  I hear Tolle as saying much the same.  Go WITH the flow of life, and harness its tidal wave-like power to Love Big!

The more you and I are present in our body and breath, and the moment’s sights and sounds with spirits of Love and acceptance, the more grace, ease, and lightness we receive.  So, today I invite us to channel our inner Jujutsu master and dance with life as it is!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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