The Magic of To-BE Lists

I love to-do lists … and I also hate them.  While they help me organize, prioritize, and remember to get things done, they also stress me out.  How about you?  In yoga’s peak pose, Savasana, we practice doing less to BE MORE.  By simply being, our spirits are filled with greater contentment, clarity, confidence, calm, and cheer.  Along those lines, SARK, an author I follow, recently shared how her beloved creates to-be lists, which he looks over at the end of the day to see how he has been who he hoped to BE.

The magic of putting more emphasis on our being is it helps us become better people, which makes our doings easier, while also calling us back to what matters most in life.  After all, to-do lists go out the window when a friend’s struggling, a partner’s in pain, or a family member’s ill.  BEING together and lovingly supporting one another through life’s peaks, pitfalls, and plains is what it’s all about in the end.  Am I right?

While each of us has a do-er as well as a be-er within us, and both are important, it seems to me the nature of our being is the spirit that animates our doings.  While the doings of an anxious person, for instance, are laden with worry, those of a loving being are fueled with kindness.  So, who do you want to be today? Loving? Kind? Calm? Confident? Courageous? Forgiving? Supportive? Free? Joyous? I’d love for you to join me in crafting a “To-Be” List that makes you smile and try it out!


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