The Transformative Practice of Becoming Your Own Favorite TV Show

One of the things I find adorable about my wife is she will often tell all our friends and family the same story about something that currently lights her up … which means I get to hear it like a million times!  While I CHOOSE to delight in how Lisa will joyously share the same thing repeatedly, sometimes with fun variations, I could also CHOOSE to be annoyed by it.  I emphasize this is a choice because: While most of your or my life’s landscape is beyond our control, we have the power and privilege to decorate our inner disposition.  Contentment, calm, and cheer are always there for the choosing!

One of the most helpful tools I’ve found for both realizing and using our agency is the practice of observing what’s going on in your mind as if it’s a TV show you’re watching.  The beauty of this gift from comedian and author Pete Holmes is, from this space of awareness, we can decide to go along for the ride like a viewer, alter some “lines” like an actor, change the whole scene and scenery like a director, or cancel the “show” entirely like a producer.  As with many life-changing practices, this takes time, as one repeatedly remembers and forgets, “I am the awareness, which can observe my thoughts and feelings, I am NOT the thoughts or feelings themselves.”

What do you think about mindfully observing your interior responses, reactions, and such like it’s your favorite TV show, and making changes to make it better?  What practices help you light up and transform your interiority?


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