Just Breathe

Just breathe.  The shifts and changes toward wellbeing that come from mindful breathing can be pretty dang wonderful!  By purposely inhaling and exhaling, we drop from our rational mind, and all its worries, regrets, plans, goals, and judgments, and into our spirit, the home of joy, peace, and Love.  Throughout history people have recognized the mystical, connective, nourishing, and healing potency of breath.  And it’s quite possible the ancients were wiser than us when it comes to this.

For much of my life, for instance, I thought Spirit (or God if you prefer) only showed up in BIG, bold, and spectacular ways.  Yet, the Ancient Greeks and Jews, among others, only had ONE word for breath, wind, spirit, and Spirit.  NOT because they were sloppy or lazy, but because they recognized breath, wind, spirit, and Spirit are inseparable!  Meaning, the extraordinary, transcendent goodness we long for, truly meets us in the ordinary.  THIS breath connects and unites you to nature, to the blissful spirit that animates you, and to the Spirit that creates, enlivens, and connects us all … as does the next one … and the next, and so on.

So, come what may, and especially when things get a little crazy, I invite us to remember to Just Breathe.  Drink in connection, clarity, calm, confidence, and above all Love!  Just Breathe.


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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