Thinking Less to Be More

Is your mind a bit of a drama queen, like mine?  You know, dwelling on the worst possibilities, fretting about 1 negative word or experience when there were 20 positive ones, blowing your missteps out of proportion (“I’m a failure!”), and judging others harshly for their mistakes.  The more I live, the more I realize in a very real way, We Think Less to Be More, in that we more readily tap into the vast wells of peace, joy, unity, and Love within us when we get out of our heads!

For instance, a “few” years ago when I was newly in the Air Force and going through Navigator School, something interesting happened.  While my test scores and flying grades were #1 in the class, I nearly got last place when we were “racked and stacked” to pick our assignments.  Why?  Because I led with my head and not my heart, so followed the path of logic and efficiency by studying and working alone.  Doh!  As Richard Rohr says, it’s better to be connected than correct!

In a true sense, the thoughts inside of us are generally NOT ours, but are a stream of worries, regrets, possibilities, and anxieties flowing through us.  They’re more like a TV show demanding our attention than something we created.  Yet, willpower doesn’t stop us from dwelling on negative thoughts, as so many of us are experiencing now.  That’s like adding fuel to their fire!  So, how do we think less to be more then?  We begin by simply noticing our thought bubbles floating by.  Then, we shift our awareness elsewhere, like putting on thought cancelling earphones to not hear our brain baby screaming.  A good way to do this is by shifting our awareness into our bodily sensations.  Feel the energy and aliveness in your hands, for example, and then, with eyes closed, ask yourself: How do you know your hand is still there?  FEEL …  As you spread this awareness, Eckhart Tolle says you can become aware of an “all pervasive sense of aliveness in your body”.  Really and truly the path to greater calm, clarity, connectedness, and Love is as simple as getting out of our brain’s drama by becoming present in our body and its senses!  Try it out and let us know how it works!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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