What if We Lived “Namaste”?

What’s inspiring and encouraging you these days?  While people in our hometown have always seemed friendly to me, since we started social distancing, those in Poulsbo have turned their friendliness volume up a couple notches.  I say this because every weekend Lisa and I have been going on long, four-mile walks, and time-and-again the people we see across the street go out of their way to smile, wave, and say hi.  This small act warms my heart and greatly gladdens me.

It makes me think of “Namaste”, the word we typically use to close our yoga practices, with the connotation that the Light and Love in me sees, celebrates, and bows to the same Light and Love in everyone else.  As a source I trust said (Eoin Finn), though, in India, where the word comes from, it’s basically just a “hello”.  YET, what if we embraced and lived it as both?  What if we greeted and left everyone we met with a “Namaste”, a heartfelt disposition that we choose to see in her or him the inborn Divine image, coequal humanity, Love, soul of goodness, or whatever beautiful, universal symbol resonates with you?  I believe it’d change the world one person at a time.  How about you?

Seeing and naming the inherent value, the intrinsic belonging, and inborn belovedness of all people would not only call forth the best in each of us, it’d collectively increase wellness, health, peace, and connection, as we’d naturally care well for our human sisters and brothers, leaving no-one behind!  Who’s up for joining me in Namaste’ing everyone we interact with, see, or think about?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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