Light’s Magic

Walking our dog, Biscuits, the other morning the spell of this sight captured me. Spoke wellness to my soul. Breathed peace into my being. Whispered secrets of delight to my heart. Gladdened me from head to toe. And left me feeling radiant.

Light is practical, universal magic of the most incredible sort. It spotlights beauty. Light reveals things previously hidden to us, both within and outside us. It nourishes life in all its forms. Light warms us. It shines joyousness into our bodies. Light enlivens our spirits. It draws us in. Light speaks safety. It marks our days. Light signals hope. It plays in the clouds, waters, dewy grass, and leafy trees. Light brings new beginnings. It paints lullabies in the evenings and inspiration in the mornings. Cheers to Light!

Have a beautiful and Light-filled day! ☀️🌞💫💙


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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