Thinking AUM

When I first started practicing yoga I remember being a bit skeptical about chanting “Om” (or AUM). It seemed woo-woo, foreign, weird, and perhaps not okay. YET, I quickly realized sitting or participating in AUMing feels delicious. So, I decided to look up what it’s about. One thing that stuck with me is it’s said to be the source of all sounds and the primal cosmic sound that began the universe. Scientifically, when chanted the sound vibrates at 432 Hz, which just so happens to be the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature. Ahh! That explains why it feels so wonderful.

You know how eggs act as a binding agent in baking? Eggs bind together the other ingredients. AUMs are like eggs in that they knit your mind, body, and spirit more fully together. Oming brings greater unity, harmony, and clarity, and not only internally, but externally as well. It connects us to the heartbeat of the universe, which brings us into a natural state of increased happiness, kindness, peace, compassion, and Love.

As with much of yoga, AUMing isn’t just something we do on a mat or with our mouth, it’s a way of being in the world. To live Om is to see wholeness, feel togetherness, speak unity, think kindness, experience peace, and be Love anywhere and everywhere. In “Bee Movie” they talk about “thinking bee, thinking bee”. Today I’m going to practice thinking AUM, thinking AUM. Anyone want to join me?


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