Spreading Kindness Like Water in a Water Fight

I sometimes wonder if the yoga students think I’m drunk when I’m teaching, as my balance struggles (from my visual disability) frequently have me falling out of lunges, Tree pose, and other leg balancing postures. Plus, I’m usually super joyous and often goofy! Isn’t it interesting how things like this lead us to declare “I am ______”; and whether it’s unbalanced, broken, depressed, unlucky in love, overweight, disliked, or unsuccessful, isn’t it interesting how often our “I am” thoughts and statements become our reality?  Related to this, Katy Perry sings: “How old would you really be? … If you didn’t know how old you really were?” Makes you wonder.

One of the principles we endeavor to live out in yoga is Asteya, which means non-stealing and seems pretty straight forward, but here’s the deal. How often do we steal from our own thriving and flourishing with the limiting and negative stories we tell about ourselves? How frequently do we hinder the flow of aliveness in others by categorizing her, him, or them? How regularly do we let others steal our bliss by buying into the definitions of us they express?

While I’m sure it’d be helpful to meditate on how I’ve robbed aliveness from myself and others with less than awesome, or downright crappy, stories, today I have a different idea. How about spreading kindness, wellness, and goodwill to everyone (myself included) like it’s water in a water fight and I’m determined to win? Who’s with me?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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