The Path to Wellbeing is Paved with Curiosity and Kindness

While my wife and I were watching TV, as I brought my glass of sparkling water to my lips, I spilled all over myself because it was fuller than I thought and I mistimed the approach. Doh! The worst part, though, is, I instantly grew defensive and reacted with a “someone else is to blame” words and tone. Shifting to an attitude of curiosity, though, allowed me to quickly apologize to Lisa, and also grow to understand myself better. A part of me that’s healing, you see, thinks perfection is required for a fabulous life. While I don’t truly think that’s true, I do believe the path to wellbeing is paved with curiosity and kindness.

Instead of pointing fingers and shaming (a go-to of mine), enlightened spirits seek understanding and togetherness with a mentality that relentlessly believes the best of others and self. For instance, curiosity is what helped me realize my experience of society, laws, and the legal system being on my side is NOT the reality minorities live in. They justifiably fear for their lives in situations I’ve gone into countless times with no worries for my wellbeing.

In my relationships and journey of personal growth, while reactivity and defensiveness divide me from others and myself, and bring suffering; interest and inquisitiveness foster harmony and aliveness. This week in my yoga classes I’ll be inviting the students to join me in practicing curiosity and kindness to find greater wellbeing, anyone want to join us?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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