The Flavor and Favor of Silence

In the silence my worries grow loud and I am troubled. In the silence I hear the cries of the abused, oppressed, disgraced, and harmed, and my heart breaks. In the quiet my soul is soothed and I feel the presence of peace. In the quiet my heart begins to pump joy through my system. In the stillness Love is the only language I know. In the stillness I’m clothed in wellbeing. In the emptiness my troubles and fears evaporate. In the emptiness I’m engulfed in Something beautiful beyond belief.

While I was reflecting on the power of getting quiet on the inside by practicing silence and stillness, these words came to me. While regularly setting aside some time to essentially do nothing might seem silly, impractical, and/or hard, it is SO worth it and one of the most valuable gifts a person can give both yourself and others! It can definitely be a bit upsetting when one starts, as we come radically face-to-face with junk inside of us we tend to shove down, but the further one goes in, the more beyond words incredible things get.

In my experience, in a real way we think less to be more … more present, more connected, more united, more blissful, more calm, more confident, more clear, and more Loving. Every adventure into quiet is different, but it always blesses us, so cheers to the sound of silence!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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