Don’t Laugh it Off, Laugh it In

Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at yourself! And not because you’re hilarious, tho I totally am! I was listening to a podcast by a philosopher and comedian on my run and they sounded like Dory talking to whales. In other words, they sounded like they were high and talking extra slow. I figured it was just a schtick that fit in with that show’s topic. Then, a few days later I started a different podcast and realized it was solely because I had somehow set the playback speed to 1/2x (I usually have it at 1.5x). LOL!

While this is definitely another reminder to me to tell a good story about others and myself in my head, something else came to me: Don’t laugh it off, laugh it in! Laughter, I recently realized, is one of my defense mechanisms. When there’s an emotion I don’t want to really acknowledge or feel,  I’ll chuckle to lighten the mood. Think of a person laughing when a situation turns awkward. While this isn’t bad, and can certainly be helpful, when I do it without feeling and processing said uncomfortable emotion I suffer. It turns the volume of my life down, thereby diminishing its awesomeness!

To be human is to have a singular knob for the loudness of ALL our emotions, which means if I’m going to bubble over with joy, I also need to receive the sharp stabs of sorrow. So, when my impulse is to laugh away the uncomfortable, I’m going to use my chuckle as a reminder to go IN and feel more deeply!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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