See, Name, and Speak Goodness

What would change if you woke up each morning believing you are amazing? What would shift if you went into each day trusting others are intrinsically incredible? While I was running the other day, the following thought came to me: What if the solution to all our problems and key to a fabulous world and existence is simply seeing, receiving, and acting with a clear awareness of the divine, fleck of genius, and inherent goodness in both me and others? One could say this is a prime aim of the practice of yoga, a gift of religions, and even affirmed by materialism (we literally come from stardust). More to the point, I can honestly say while this leaves me open and vulnerable to hurt from others, relating to others with this mentality has NEVER let me down, and consistently results in an expansion of life and increase of Love!

Barbara Holmes says, “Goodness is a first principle of the universe.” I couldn’t agree more! You know the creation story that says we were empty vessels formed from earth who had life breathed (i.e. spoken) into us? It seems to me there’s something of this that’s always true, in that the more we see, speak, and name the goodness in others and ourselves, the better we all become! Today I’m going to do my best to see through the lens of goodness, speak with lips of kindness, and find Love at my fingertips, anyone want to join me?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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