Being a Peaceful Warrior

What is peace to you? How many people would honestly say they don’t want peace? Why is it such a broadly and highly valued virtue is in such short supply in our world, and perhaps our lives? What is the path to peace within us, around us, and across the land?

One of my favorite yoga poses is typically called Reverse Warrior, but is also referred to as Exalted Warrior and Peaceful Warrior. Being the words geek and dots connector that I am, after seeing a beautiful post from a fellow yogi on living as a peaceful warrior, it occurred to me there’s a relationship between the 3 words. When we reverse the energies of opposition, defiance, and violence of thought, word, and/or deed, to unity, humility, and lovingkindness, I think we’re on the right track. When we shift our focus from disapproving, denouncing, and demeaning others, and ourselves, to praising, celebrating, and encouraging (attitudes of exaltation), I find peace naturally prospers. When we live with spirits of unity and friendship with ourselves and others (even enemies), peace shines like the sun.

I lived the regular warrior life for 10 years in the air force, and was really good at it. Each of us has an inner badass, and while it’s tempting to use that ferocity to defeat people, it’s infinitely more awesome to channel that same fierceness to heal, encourage, and cultivate togetherness and understanding! Peace, and its numerous benefits, comes when we reverse course from opposition to relationship, adopt a spirit of exaltation, and let lovingkindness light the way. With that said, from the bottom of my heart I say: Peace be with you, friend!


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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