A Tale of Two Beauties

A tale of two beauties. 😍 Our dog Biscuits got really sick last week. Honoring the wisdom of her body and its call to rest and recover, she took to spending the day and night curled up in the bathroom behind the toilet, as this helped her feel safe and secure. While previously, listening to and letting her body’s intelligence do its thing healed her, this time after 2 days we knew she needed a little help from the vet, and now is back to her usual spunky self! 🐶

Over the weekend, my wife (Lisa) and I gave my daughter (Lara) her 2nd driving lesson, and first one one on streets and with some traffic. Naturally afraid of hitting oncoming cars, Lara erred to the right side of the road, almost driving onto the loose gravel of the shoulder several times. After being reminded to avoid that danger a few times, while going 45mph she got especially close. As you might imagine, with a surge of stress we “encouraged” her to recenter the car. With anxiety heavy in the air, cleansing tears came, and continued for much of the next 30+ minutes of driving. While we offered to let her stop and swap out, Lara resiliently kept going and did an amazing job!

Lara and Biscuits’ examples of listening to their body’s IQ by sheltering, crying, and fully feeling uncomfortable emotions inspires me. Lara’s courageous ability to both feel and move through her fears with calmness and confidence WOWs me! The resiliency she displayed is a key aspect of wholehearted living, and encourages me to become more courageous this way myself. It’s like lifting weights, in that the more we move into our edge, the stronger a person we become! Resiliency is the new jacked, so here’s to being ripped! 💪🏽💗🤸🏻‍♀️


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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