Heaven is in Your Toes

Heaven is in your toes.

Bliss rests on my fingertips.

Enlightenment shimmers on our faces.

One of the biggest gifts of practicing yoga, has been increasingly experiencing the truth of these statements. You see, while our beautiful brain is super good at decisions, judgments, comparisons, and critiques, it’s not so helpful when it comes to bringing us into a state of wellbeing, and the calm, centered, connected, and cheerful energies that accompany it. Time and again, I’ve discovered the most direct and reliable path to feeling wondrous aliveness inside us, is shifting our awareness from our brains to our bodies.

When I live in my head, it’s like I’m a satellite that got knocked out of orbit and is careening aimlessly through space. Anxious, judgy, worried, and scattered. Conversely, though, when I’m grounded in my body by enjoying my breath, feeling the air, tuning into my senses, and noticing the flow of energy, the gifts of heaven, blessings of bliss, and experience of enlightenment fill my breing with peace, wellness, joy, and love.

Have you had similar experiences? What practices bring you to a sweeter space?


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MUCH Love and Many Hugs,


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