Being Our Own Love “Notes”

“I love you; I love you; I love you.” I thought to myself for a LONG moment as I lay on my back with one hand on my heart, and the other on my belly. Instead of swiftly flowing into the next set of yoga postures, as I’d planned, Something urged me to pause for a few minutes to really receive this gift. You see while my body was tired, my driven self was barking at me to do better and be more … only WAY less kindly than that! While also piling on with things I’d said or done “wrong” over the weekend. Can you relate?

As I spoke Love thru kind hands into my sense of Self (belly) and connection to others (heart), I could feel things shift from critical and chaotic, to content and calm. What a gift this experience was! I find we’re like televisions, one way or another, we project to and on others what’s going on inside us. This isn’t “good” or “bad”, it just is, which is where mindfulness comes in.

The more aware of our inner landscape we are, the better things go. What’s more, the more Love we ingest, especially of ourselves, the kinder and more amazing we become! Are there any ways it would bless you to be the hands, words, and/or notes of Love to yourself today?

By the way, I moved websites, so the blog is moving too! There are no ads, lots more stuff, and everything looks better (I think). Please go sign up for the email list there to keep on receiving the blog …

Love and Hugs,


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