Sing at the Top of Your Lungs!

When I make dinner I listen to music, while dancing and singing (loudly). In fact, not long ago I was especially into a song, and mid-chorus saw a lady walking by outside give me an “are you possessed?” look. Whether you can carry a tune or not, there’s something powerful and healing about singing at the top of your lungs, because not only is it a conduit for our emotions to flow through, it’s often an expression of deep passions, longings, and truths. What’s more, there’s a unifying and connective energy to singing. Such vulnerable acts bring us together.

While I’m naturally talking about literally singing (I love it), I’m also speaking metaphorically. I’m inviting us to give expression to what lights us up, the hurts in our hearts, the beauty we want to see birthed, the pain inside us, and the goodness we want to cultivate. However I’m doing, I find giving “voice” to what’s swirling around inside me makes me feel more alive. Whether it’s via words, tears, movement, art, or a hug, do you know what I mean?

Our emotions, passions, longings, and such have energy to them. So, here’s to opening their cages and setting them, and us free!

Hugs & Love,


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