Giving the Gift of YOU

The quality of my life is interconnected with the nature of what I devote myself to. Each day we give our time, energy, and attention to/for something. In other words, moment-by-moment we literally give the gift of our lives away.The only question is for what? Whether I’m aware of it or not, on the daily my thoughts and actions are dedicated to things like, uplifting others, money, tearing others down, the God of my understanding, violence, healing, fear, growth, and/or the greater good.

YOU are a precious, magnificent, once in the history of ever spark of light and love. A blessing of self-reflection and mindfulness practices is helping us wake up to how and for what we spend our valuable lifeforce. In my 45+ jaunts around the sun, I’ve noticed there’s a reciprocal relationship between me and what I give my energies for. While oppositional or tribalistic things make me judgmental, insecure, and fearful, unifying and loving ones light me up like when a superhero first steps into their newfound powers!

If you “stepped back” and watched yourself like a character in a TV show, what would you notice you’re devoted to? What would you change? I’m moving away from the impulse to win and be “right” toward supporting, helping, and listening.

Hugs & Love,


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