The Power of “I Am ______” Statements

As the lucky inheritor of a bunch of grandkids (my wife has 8 from her life BL, Before Lang), I’ve noticed an interesting trend. When they say “I am _______”, the blank is typically filled in by non-positive things. I point this out becauseour “I am” statements and thoughts strongly influence how we feel and who we become. They’re like the sculptor who molds the clay of our being either toward or away from greater aliveness.

I know this from personal experience, because for years my mostly unspoken (even to myself) “I am” mantra was “I am unlovable and unloved.” And I suffered deeply. Sometime after I became aware of this predicament, I made it a habit of starting each day by reciting a new mantra over and over and over again: “I am beloved.” 2+ years later, in a powerful way I felt like a new man; and don’t think it was a coincidence that is when Lisa and I fell madly in love, and 4+ years later are even more so.

Since life decided to go on a drunken bender in 2020, “I am peace” has been a go to of mine. What “I am” statements do you purposefully and unknowingly tell yourself? What would you like to change? What “I am _____” would aid or bless you today?

Hugs & Love,


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