Being Here, Now, with Hearts Full of Love

I’ve been feeling unusually stressed lately. In exploring “why”, two root causes revealed themselves. With several literal stacks of books to read for my doctorate project, looming papers to write, trying/struggling to teach more yoga, wanting to plan in-person events for my book (once we’re allowed again), and more, future tripping is a prime culprit. When we live in the future, we disconnect from all the glorious life happening now!

The other big one has been a dislike of what is. Being frustrated with feeling too hot/cold, my sprained (or something) wrist and forearm, and my aging body. When we are dissatisfied with what is happening in, to, around, and for us, we suffer. Do you know what I mean?

I share these not only because sharing brings freedom, but to note detaching ourselves from the stranglehold future worries can put on us, while falling wildly in love with reality just as it is, makes all the difference in the world So, here’s to being here, now, with hearts full of love!

Hugs & Love,


By the way, the blog and website have moved (and, I believe, are quite improved). Please sign up for the email list at the new spot! Have a beautiful day!

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