GMa’s Gift of Inspiration

My grandma Pearlette, lovingly called “GMa”, turned 90 this month. Which means she grew up during the Great Depression and WWII. It blows my mind how much she had to do to get a good education and establish herself in the world! What is more, when my dad was in elementary school, her husband was killed overseas while on deployment for the navy. Despite all these circumstances, though, her belief, hard work, resilience, and incredible spirit not only allowed her to have a wonderful life, but also gave her three sons freedoms and opportunities she never had! What an amazing and inspiring woman!

I share this not only to celebrate GMa, but also to encourage YOU. While I was riding our Peloton, the instructor, Hannah Corbin said: If cauliflower can reinvent itself as yummy delicious pizza, YOU can reinvent yourself too! I don’t know about you, but I never imagined cauliflower as pizza crust. Yet, isn’t it often the case that we are only limited by our imagination?

For instance, at various points being a yoga teacher, publishing a book, starting a doctorate, and becoming a life coach weren’t even on my radar … and now they’re all realities! Thanks for being a trailblazer of possibilities, GMa! So I wonder: What new horizons in life can you imagine and move toward?

Hugs & Love,


By the way, the blog and website have moved (and, I believe, are quite improved). Please sign up for the email list at the new spot! Have a beautiful day!

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