Transforming Hurtful/Hard Words Into Helpful Ones

What do you do with hurtful or hard words from others? While part of me likes to ruminate on them, defend myself, and/or formulate comebacks that will “show them”, my real self knows there’s a better way: Reframing. Beginning with the awareness that love is the point, and life is a laboratory for learning to love well, we can then see every experience as a “teaching moment”, an opportunity to grow in loving kindness.

When someone “stabs” us with their words, they’re also giving us a gift. I’m not saying they won’t hurt, and might not be downright mean. Instead, I’m saying the words are for sure giving us insight into their journey, wounds, and struggles … and possibly some pearls of wisdom about ourselves too. The key is to breathe, “step back”, pause, and ponder how this information can help you become more understanding, patient, compassionate, and kind.

While hurt people, hurt people, when we get “cut” we get to choose whether it makes us bitter or better. Breathe, pause, and ponder how this hurtful or hard thing can be turned into a help for you and others. Stay with it and you’ll find the bruise turns into a blessing.

Hugs & Love,Lang

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