Judgment is the Poison, and (Self)Love is the Cure

Is it just me, or is being judgmental pretty much hard-wired into our system? For much of my life, I’ve compared myself to others. When it came to things like grades, job titles, religious views, finances, political stances, smarts, marital health, physical fitness, and dietary choices, I was always looking to be better than others to feel good about myself. Whatever it was, I regularly judged others as “less” or “wrong”, so I could be “more” or “right”. Do you know what I mean?

It turns out what I thought was confidence, was really just judgment. The problem with judgment—and the reason Jesus and yogic philosophy encourage us to practice non-judgment—is when we live with its mentality of comparison and criticism, we dwell in a place of lack, where nobody, ourselves included, is ever enough. Real confidence, I’m discovering, comes from loving ourselves exactly as we are, which frees us to love others, the planet, and the Marvelous Magical Mystery Behind it All, well.

We love ourselves, I’m also learning, by doing things that light us up, caring for others, and partaking in other things that get us out of our critical brains and into our loving hearts. In other words: Confidence doesn’t compare, it creates and celebrates. So, here’s to creating our own unique flavors of beauty and kindness, while celebrating others and life!

Hugs & Love,


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