Let Your Breath Catch You

In the face of discomfort, stress, disagreement, frustration, and such, one simple thing typically determines whether I say something stupid, hurtful, or defensive, versus loving, caring, and understanding. Breath. Pausing. Slowing. Then, feeling and enjoying a deep breath in through the nose–like I’m breathing a halo around my head–followed by a clearing sigh, takes me out of my reactive or elevated response, and into my right-mind, where I can choose love.

While venturing to say I bet the same is true for you, I’d also note: Sometimes we definitely need more than 1 breath. Like Dory keeps swimming, just keep breathing until your breath catches you!

You know how you catch our breath when you’re in awe? When you choose to let your breath catch you, it gives you increased calm, clarity, and connection. While it truly is that simple, it also makes a profound difference. Mindful, clearing breaths have the power to “blow away” the storms in our minds, replacing them with tranquility. There’s a reason yogis have long realized: Breathe and everything changes.

Hugs & Love,


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