License to Love

You know how James Bond has a License to Kill? And, as the mask and vac debates reveal, it seems Americans have a License to Individual Freedom? What if, we all lived from a License to Love? Like, for reals!

I know when people wrong my wife Lisa, by abusing her kindness (which happens A LOT), not appreciating her care, treating her harshly, demeaning her intelligence, or belittling her values and beliefs, I immediately reach into the “License to Kill” part of my brain and imagine or talk about how I’ll “show them”. Know what I mean? Yet what if, instead of instinctually going to that spirit of violence, I opened up to the Spirit of Love?

My anger would fuel compassion for the ways that person has been hurt.

The spirit of argumentation would blossom into one of understanding.

Opposition would transform into unity.

It would change competition to curiosity.

Love would turn the sharpness of division, into the comfy smoothness of harmony.

My “in your face” aggressiveness, inside me, would become “I’ve got your back” kindness.

My License to Kill Pose

That “toddler spirit” that wants to rage and throw all the dishes, so to speak, could instead become playful.

Frustration and stress over cleaning up after others would melt away under the warmth of getting to bless others.

The “teenage energy” that wants to be completely independent and free, would realize with that right comes a deep responsibility to love others well (especially those hurting and struggling, and including my enemies!).

What would wielding a License to Love look like to you?

Hugs & Love,


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2 thoughts on “License to Love

  1. You are often ‘whispering in my ear’ when in choose to press in about x,y, or z. Challenging myself to think and respond differently. To BE curious! To respond with compassion- with kindness. Thank you for being my mentor in this arena


  2. 🤗🤗🤗 you’re amazing, Tanna, and I’m glad this spoke to you! In Celtic they have a phrase, Anam Cara, which means soul friend. I definitely feel that with you! 💙🙏🏽


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