Release to be Renewed

Nature has a lot to teach us. Autumn is a time of letting go, as fruits and veggies ripen to produce new offspring, while leaves gently fall to the ground. This letting go not only helps vegetation survive the winter, it plants the seeds for the eruption of new life in the Spring! The message is clear: Release to be renewed.

This, as you might imagine, leads me to dating and marriage. 😉 After my second divorce, I was, umm, “a bit” wounded. Desperate to love and be loved, I settled into a pretty good relationship. Fortunately, she realized “pretty good” wasn’t good enough, so broke up with me. After which, I launched myself into a wildly unsuccessful brief online dating career!

After some coaching from my sister, I was onboard with not settling, so I started shooting for my dream partner. Now, I’m an Enthusiast (7 on the Enneagram), so know how to aim big. Fortune favored me, and I started dialoguing on Eharmony with a seemingly great lady. A few weeks of hopeful conversations in, though, the “hook” came, and I realized it was a total scam. 😦

So, having already let go of settling, I let go of forcing my “dream” and opened myself up to possibility. Enter Lovely Lisa. After nearly 5 years of marriage, I wholeheartedly stand by my conclusion that Lisa is BETTER than my dreams! And it’s only because of letting go, that there was space for her deep-soul beauty to enter into my life.

As a devoted student of the human condition, I find it fascinating how many things I thought were “just the way it is”—until someone “told” me, or I realized, it didn’t have to be that way. OH … MY … WORD those “aha” moments have been SO liberating! In that space, I’ve realized:

Being beloved is inherent.

Having infinite value is unchangeable.

You belong. Period.

Difference is divine.

Many things have a season, even some things that seemed super important, and letting them go will make room for greater joy, peace, and wellbeing.

This year has been one of letting go for me, and WOW, it’s been SO enlivening. When you get quiet inside, what do you realize would bless you to let go?

Hugs & Love,


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