Healing Waters and Beautiful Bodies

Isn’t there something healing about water and the way it flows, moves, and sounds? These waters of Cascade Springs, Georgia was a place of healing for soldiers during the Civil War. Our bodies are made primarily of living water, meaning the healing magic of oceans and streams is within us. An inborn gift. We are healing waters with feet!

Trust your body, it’s brilliant! Love the skin you’re in, it’s magic! Of course, go to therapy, it helps. And there is SO much wisdom within you! Naturally, take meds—I’ll be on anti-seizure meds for the rest of my life. And there is no better pharmacy, than the God-given medicine within you! Let’s love and trust our beautiful bodies!

Hugs & Love,


By the way, the blog and website have moved (and, I believe, are quite improved). Please sign up for the email list at the new spot! https://www.lightlovelang.com Have a beautiful day!

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