The Power of Appreciation

A major reason Lisa and I have a delightful marriage and partnership is: Appreciation. Daily, we tell one another how much we appreciate each other. Not just in a general sense, but by naming specific things. And do you know what the real magical, meaningful way we do this is? Lisa tells me, on the regular, how much she appreciates me doing dishes, sweeping the kitchen and entryway room, doing laundry, taking our dog out, cleaning up the kitchen counters, and so on.

We frequently thank each other for doing things that have to be done, are just part of being an adult, and could be easily unnoticed and unnamed. And it makes ALL the difference in the world. This positive energy draws us ever closer together, while inspiring us to go the extra mile for each other (and others) with ease and grace.

What’s your experience when it comes to appreciation? Are there any ways you could bring more into your life?

Hugs & Love,


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