Friendship & The Gift of Loyalty

Great friends, the kind you freely share the most blissful and brutal stuff with, are more precious than gold. Even while I walked through the desert of divorce twice, because of loyal friends, I considered myself lucky. Although I struggled to stay alive after my accident in 2008, and spent 6 months in hospitals recovering, I count myself blessed because of generous companions. Though I’ve spent the last twelve years figuring out what my life on the other side of the resultant severe traumatic brain injury, damage to my vision (meaning I can’t drive), and losing a career in the air force, I am grateful for it all thanks to my people’s graciousness.

Great friends are loyal, generous, and gracious. And Scott (pictured with me) is one of the best! 

We watched Tombstone the other night, and I was floored by the loyalty, generosity, and “in it to the end” love Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday displayed for Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp. At the climatic end of the movie, even though Doc Holiday was suffering greatly and dying from tuberculosis, In his friend’s time of need, Doc had his back and fought for him. Loyalty is a precious, precious gift.

Because of the “Doc Holidays” in my life—Scott, Lisa, Leia, Erick, Rachel, Sean, Gina, Tanna, Jay, Mark, Amy, Nancy, Tom, Mike, my mom, dads, and the list goes on—I consider myself richer than the wealthiest billionaires, when it comes to what matters most in life. They’ve stuck with me, fought for me, given to me, and forgiven, encouraged, inspired, and loved me more than words can express.

Friends like that make our worlds go round.

Hugs & Love,


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