I view and experience yoga as a gift. A beautiful and challenging gift that brings us greater health, wholeness, and connection, which combine to open us up to give and receive greater love. Yoga helps us connect and grow stronger both internally and externally. I say this because while I initially took to it as purely a physical practice, in the midst of a traumatic and isolating period of my life I discovered it as so much more. I’ve found practicing yoga (re)connects our own mind, body, and spirit, as well as with those of other people. It brings unity and harmony within us and with others.
My heart and passion is to journey with others toward greater health, wholeness, connection, and love, and that’s why I teach yoga. I wholeheartedly agree with MC YOGI in concluding: Yoga helps us be strong in our cores and soft in our hearts. As such, I teach yoga as both a work out and a work in, focusing on breath, core, and mindful awareness, while creating a positive and encouraging environment. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie. I practice yoga as a moving meditation and love people, arm-balances, and Vinyasa.
Grace and peace,
Lang Charters