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Letting Our Light Shine: Awakening to the Love Within & Without

As I've been witnessing the outpouring of kindness, compassion, humor, giving, understanding, and togetherness, amazing people like YOU have been sharing since the pandemic turned our worlds upside down, I realized: We're collectively making Love.  Not the way we usually use the phrase, but in its literal, and original sense.  We're making, creating, expanding, increasing, and growing Big Love, … Continue reading Letting Our Light Shine: Awakening to the Love Within & Without

Just Breathe

Just breathe.  The shifts and changes toward wellbeing that come from mindful breathing can be pretty dang wonderful!  By purposely inhaling and exhaling, we drop from our rational mind, and all its worries, regrets, plans, goals, and judgments, and into our spirit, the home of joy, peace, and Love.  Throughout history people have recognized the … Continue reading Just Breathe

Suffering’s Gift

I believe we're in a sacred, powerful, and beautiful moment of collective transformation now.  As tragic as the Coronavirus pandemic is, it's gift can be exponentially more beneficial.  I say this sincerely and confidently because each time I've walked the road of soul-shivering suffering, be it a divorce that shook my beliefs and world view, an accident that … Continue reading Suffering’s Gift

Enter Every Moment as If You Chose It

Enter every moment as if you chose it.  I remember years ago hearing an ER doc turned environmentalist speak about how observing the dramatic increase in cancer, autoimmune diseases, and more led him to research why, and conclude: We've been killing the earth with our pollutants, deforestation, pouring/placing toxins into the ocean, strip mining, etc., and in … Continue reading Enter Every Moment as If You Chose It

Lamenting Your Way to Health & Wellness

Some of the most powerful things we can do when life goes sideways, whether it's forgetting your lunch at home, having an uncomfortable conversation, financial struggles, or the Corona virus, is to cry, scream, punch a pillow, journal words of rage, share feelings of fear, and so on.  While I'm biased to go directly to … Continue reading Lamenting Your Way to Health & Wellness

Fear, the Corona Virus, Staying Sane, and Loving Big

What do you do when fear comes a'knocking, or kicks the front door down like it did recently?  Buy ALL the hand sanitizer and toilet paper, like everyone here did?  Curl up in a ball (the energy I've felt this week)?  Pour all your attention and energy into _____?  Isn't it interesting how grasping, which … Continue reading Fear, the Corona Virus, Staying Sane, and Loving Big

A Word of Blessing Amidst Crazy Times

Dear friends, here's a few words of blessing and encouragement for you today: May you experience healing amidst the spread of dis-ease. May you laugh with delight during times of trouble. May you feel more connected than ever, while we distance for wellness. May your spirit be swept up in peace as life's storms rage. … Continue reading A Word of Blessing Amidst Crazy Times

Love, Love, Love!!!

Magical, marvelous, and miraculous friends, How are you doing?  In this time of uncertainty, distancing, and waiting, what are you feeling?  Anxious?  Calm?  Afraid?  Loving?  Worried?  Trusting?  Angry?  Frustrated?  Shut down?  Ironically fabulous?  Mysteriously blissful?  These are some of the things going on inside me, and I share them to remind us what we're feeling … Continue reading Love, Love, Love!!!

The Politics of Christianity

As fear of COVID-19 and the divisiveness of a presidential election sweep across America, I'm reminded how very political Jesus was in pretty UN-American ways.  At a minimum, I believe the Christ invites people of any, or no, religion to a new, incredible way of being human.  One marked by togetherness, interdependence, caring for all, … Continue reading The Politics of Christianity

The Transformative Practice of Becoming Your Own Favorite TV Show

One of the things I find adorable about my wife is she will often tell all our friends and family the same story about something that currently lights her up ... which means I get to hear it like a million times!  While I CHOOSE to delight in how Lisa will joyously share the same … Continue reading The Transformative Practice of Becoming Your Own Favorite TV Show