Love = Shifting From “Me” to “We”

Over Easter weekend, my wife and I got to attend Olya's Nectar Flow yoga practice, a delicious class we adore.  Toward the end she had us stretch our shoulders with our arms overhead in a Y and a strap pulled taut between our hands.  Being who I am, this reminded me of Jesus hanging and … Continue reading Love = Shifting From “Me” to “We”


Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

When you bring to mind someone, or thing, who hurt or wronged you, what happens in your body and spirit?  Believe it or not, these days the person who most fits that category in my neck of the woods, bringing bodily tension and energetic chaos, is me!  For my 6am Monday morning yoga class I … Continue reading Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

Heaven is in Your Heart

20+ years ago when a dear friend of mine was getting married, as he and I stood in a side room right before the ceremony, tears began rolling down his face.  Confused, I asked him why he was crying.  "I'm just so happy," he replied.  It was years before I really understood what he meant. … Continue reading Heaven is in Your Heart

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Do you ever wonder if what you do matters?  Or even how much YOU matter?  I know I do!  With that in mind, at the beginning of my yoga classes, I gift each student with an inspirational sticky note to encourage her/him.  They have sayings like "Be a warrior, not a worrier.", "You make work … Continue reading Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Meditation on How Our Thoughts Transform Our Reality

Teaching yoga I get to regularly interact with attractive ladies.  As you might imagine, thought bubbles related to their prettiness arise from time to time.  While I'm realizing this is normal and natural, the danger is when I identify with these thoughts, which is all too common for us.  It seems to me we've made … Continue reading Meditation on How Our Thoughts Transform Our Reality

Meditation on Breathing Divinity, Seeing Beauty, Feeling Kindness, and Being Love

I frequently shake my head in disbelief at how kind and caring my daughter is.  When I was 14 my world revolved around sports, fun with friends, school, and girls.  The loving kindness Lara shows toward everyone wasn't even on my radar until well into my adulthood!  Why?  How did she blossom so quickly?  Like … Continue reading Meditation on Breathing Divinity, Seeing Beauty, Feeling Kindness, and Being Love

Meditation on Changing Our Thinking to Better Our Being

I always run late, in that at best I'm on time, but typically I'm a couple minutes ... ish late.  That's just how I am ... or is it?  I certainly have a predisposition to pack in as much goodness as possible and am optimistic as to how long things will take, both of which … Continue reading Meditation on Changing Our Thinking to Better Our Being

Drama for Your Momma

As my body gets older, some things don't work like they used to.  Remember the movie "Failure to Launch"?  You know how after things go poorly in a given endeavor a couple of times, it's super easy to get in your head about it?  Thought bubbles of doubt, insecurity, worry, and the like flood our … Continue reading Drama for Your Momma

A Snow Storm’s Life Lessons

As we've been enjoying a fun flurry of snow storms, Lisa and I noted the calming affect snow has on everything.  It's like a massive collective "HA", which fills your heart with a sense that all is well and all will be well.  Not long after that, a friend came to our door with his … Continue reading A Snow Storm’s Life Lessons

The Love is IN Your Heart

While I was practicing my yoga class for February, "The Love is IN Your Heart", I had an aha moment.  In one flow you reach your hands forward and back with palms up on the inhale, and then sweetly collect them to heart's center on the exhale.  On my mat I realized this symbolizes how … Continue reading The Love is IN Your Heart