Meditation on the Importance of Loving Our Messy Emotions

Do you ever have a thought or impulse that's inappropriate, uncomfortable, or "bad"?  I know I do!  The other day, one thought bubble led to another, and before I knew it, I was shocked and dismayed by the notion my mind had centered on.  Before my inner shame police got too far into reading me … Continue reading Meditation on the Importance of Loving Our Messy Emotions


Don’t just DO something, SIT There

I've been a runner for nearly 30 years.  And for as long as I can remember, I've measured my success by numbers, going far and fast.  As an enthusiast, my natural bias is to do ALL the things quickly.  That's why Lisa, Lara, and I's weekends generally get packed full of goodness.  Recently, though, Spirit … Continue reading Don’t just DO something, SIT There

Love Lacks Labels

There are moments when I see the essence of my wife Lisa.  The radiance of her being is so beautiful even the best poetry would fall short of capturing her. Likewise, there are instances when the lines between us blur, blend, and vanish.  Our connection is so rich I can't tell where "I" stop and … Continue reading Love Lacks Labels

Could I(You) Have Been Anyone Other Than Me(You)?

I once said "the music in heaven will be all Dave Matthews Band, all the time" ... at church ... to hundreds of people.  I mention that to express how much I LOVE the band.  Dave's music moves me so deeply I have a tattoo of his lyrics that speak a poignant Truth: "Could I have … Continue reading Could I(You) Have Been Anyone Other Than Me(You)?

Side Effects May Include Big Bliss, Gigantic Gratitude, & Profound Peace

My wife and I have this dance we do.  Generally speaking, she cooks on the weekends and I do on weeknights, Lisa takes our dog Biscuits out in the morning and I handle the rest, I do the laundry and she cleans the floors, and so on.  While our dance moves shift when the music … Continue reading Side Effects May Include Big Bliss, Gigantic Gratitude, & Profound Peace

You Have Permission

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you don't know how to act?  One of the blessings of marrying Lisa was gaining three adult "kids" and seven grandchildren.  The weird part, though, is having only been in their lives for a few years, we don't have a dad or granddad type of relationship, … Continue reading You Have Permission

The Beloved One (A Poem to You)

The Beloved One sees you fully, loving every bit of your being. The Blissful One adores you always, regarding you with infinite fondness. The Blessed One delights deeply, in YOU, living your daily, "mundane" life. The Beautiful One celebrates you extravagantly, roaring approval because you ARE a champion. The Bountiful One hugs you fiercely, for … Continue reading The Beloved One (A Poem to You)

Love = Shifting From “Me” to “We”

Over Easter weekend, my wife and I got to attend Olya's Nectar Flow yoga practice, a delicious class we adore.  Toward the end she had us stretch our shoulders with our arms overhead in a Y and a strap pulled taut between our hands.  Being who I am, this reminded me of Jesus hanging and … Continue reading Love = Shifting From “Me” to “We”

Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

When you bring to mind someone, or thing, who hurt or wronged you, what happens in your body and spirit?  Believe it or not, these days the person who most fits that category in my neck of the woods, bringing bodily tension and energetic chaos, is me!  For my 6am Monday morning yoga class I … Continue reading Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

Heaven is in Your Heart

20+ years ago when a dear friend of mine was getting married, as he and I stood in a side room right before the ceremony, tears began rolling down his face.  Confused, I asked him why he was crying.  "I'm just so happy," he replied.  It was years before I really understood what he meant. … Continue reading Heaven is in Your Heart