Mutually Assured Awesomeness

Growing up during the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war, I remember a key plan for keeping us safe was mutually assured destruction (MAD). The logic was neither side would nuke the other because both the Soviets and Americans had enough atomic weapons to completely wipe the other country out. Doesn’t the acronym … Continue reading Mutually Assured Awesomeness

Faith, Hope, and Love for NO Reason

Cheers! Even though it's been nearly seven years and I'm incredibly happily remarried, I still sometimes feel DEEPLY hurt by and confused why my second wife left me.  By the conventional wisdom that good deeds are rewarded and bad punished, we'd have stayed together.  What's more, it's the same story if one went by my … Continue reading Faith, Hope, and Love for NO Reason

Perspective is Essential for Loving Well

We're always telling a story in our heads, evaluating people, situations, places, etc. Especially when I'm "wronged", it's super easy for me to assume ill and ugly things of others. YET, love believes the best in them, and understanding their perspective often changes our views of them. Perspective helps us move TOWARD and CARE for … Continue reading Perspective is Essential for Loving Well