The Beloved One (A Poem to You)

The Beloved One sees you fully, loving every bit of your being. The Blissful One adores you always, regarding you with infinite fondness. The Blessed One delights deeply, in YOU, living your daily, "mundane" life. The Beautiful One celebrates you extravagantly, roaring approval because you ARE a champion. The Bountiful One hugs you fiercely, for … Continue reading The Beloved One (A Poem to You)


Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

When you bring to mind someone, or thing, who hurt or wronged you, what happens in your body and spirit?  Believe it or not, these days the person who most fits that category in my neck of the woods, bringing bodily tension and energetic chaos, is me!  For my 6am Monday morning yoga class I … Continue reading Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

A Plea for the Refugee Babies and Beyond

Remember when you were a little kid?  Imagine playing soccer outside with your friends as the sounds of gunfire and explosions begin in your town.  Confused, you see a nearby home catch fire.  As your mom and dad run out to get you, you see a jeep screech to a halt across the street. Men with … Continue reading A Plea for the Refugee Babies and Beyond