The Power of the Pause

Love resides in the pause. What I mean by that is while my first words, or reaction, to something I disagree with, don't like, or feel pressure or opposition from are generally not helpful or are unkind: Pausing, breathing, and giving my thoughts time to settle, creates space for love to move in. Can you relate? In many … Continue reading The Power of the Pause

The Practice of Bowing

While Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back¬†ūü§£¬†my goal is to bring bowing back. Bowing, as in the practice of honoring the light in each person we meet, the lessons for growth into goodness in every experience, the wisdom from hurts and failures, and the happiness from gifts and successes.¬†Truly, in many ways I believe the … Continue reading The Practice of Bowing

The Flavor and Favor of Silence

In the silence my worries¬†grow loud¬†and I am troubled. In the silence I hear the cries of the abused, oppressed, disgraced, and harmed, and my heart breaks. In the quiet my soul is soothed and I feel the presence of peace. In the quiet my heart begins to pump joy through my system. In the … Continue reading The Flavor and Favor of Silence

Love in 24 Words – Part 2

Hi Beautiful! Every time I teach or practice yoga, my goal is to open us¬†to¬†and energize us¬†with¬†the energy of Love. ¬†Yet, what is "Love"? ¬†While I didn't realize it, for years I didn't know. ¬†As a result, I couldn't Love myself, was disconnected from my infant daughter and (then) wife, was¬†addicted¬†to porn, strove to be … Continue reading Love in 24 Words – Part 2

Love in 24 Words – Part 1

Hi Amazing! If Love is the point of life, I Love my wife, I love wine, I love peanut butter cereal, I Love my daughter, I¬†love yoga, God is Love, I Love God, and I love Star Wars ... what exactly is Love?¬†At least the "Love" that matters most? ¬†I define this Big/Divine/Heavenly Love as … Continue reading Love in 24 Words – Part 1

The Love is IN Your Heart

While I was practicing my yoga class for February, "The Love is IN Your Heart", I had an aha moment. ¬†In one flow you reach your hands forward and back with palms up on the inhale, and then sweetly collect them to heart's center on the exhale. ¬†On my mat I realized this symbolizes how … Continue reading The Love is IN Your Heart