Balance Brings Bliss

How do we measure success? How do we find it? Are those different? For instance, it's been 7+ months since my memoir, Falling into Love: The Transformative Power of Community, came out. Thus far, we've made ~3% of what we spent to self-publish it back. That's a big financial failure by any measuring stick! YET, what … Continue reading Balance Brings Bliss

Being Awestruck Over How Incredible It is to Be Alive

With my 46th birthday just around the corner (Saturday!), looking back I can say one of the best parts about getting older is feeling evermore permission to be freely and fully my quirky and unique self! In the movie Last Christmas, a character observes: "There's no such thing as normal. It's a stupid word. Does a … Continue reading Being Awestruck Over How Incredible It is to Be Alive

The Transformative Practice of Becoming Your Own Favorite TV Show

One of the things I find adorable about my wife is she will often tell all our friends and family the same story about something that currently lights her up ... which means I get to hear it like a million times!  While I CHOOSE to delight in how Lisa will joyously share the same … Continue reading The Transformative Practice of Becoming Your Own Favorite TV Show

The Magic of To-BE Lists

I love to-do lists ... and I also hate them.  While they help me organize, prioritize, and remember to get things done, they also stress me out.  How about you?  In yoga's peak pose, Savasana, we practice doing less to BE MORE.  By simply being, our spirits are filled with greater contentment, clarity, confidence, calm, and … Continue reading The Magic of To-BE Lists

The Life Changing Power of “This”

Yoga, it seems to me, can be summed up as the practice of this'ness.  Enjoying this breath.  Loving this person.  Witnessing this moment.  Caring for this world.  Cherishing this body.  Drinking in this scenery.  Giving our all to this task.  Listening well to this word.  Savoring this food.  Fully feeling this emotion or sensation ... especially ones we prefer to avoid.  Yoga is the radical embrace, presence, working with, experience, and Love of THIS. Some … Continue reading The Life Changing Power of “This”

Cultivating Heavenly Thoughts to Experience Heavenly Realities

Cheers! Even though the Seahawks literally lost to the 49ers in a heartbreaking manner, as we left the game, I told Lisa I felt like we won.  In the purity of that moment, I believe my heart was speaking from a bigger and more True place.  And, while it's my jam, I'm not talking about … Continue reading Cultivating Heavenly Thoughts to Experience Heavenly Realities

Your Body is Magical!

What’s your relationship with your body?  While the truest part of me knows I’m a fit guy, a critical voice within is NEVER satisfied and focuses on my shortcomings and ways I “should” be better.  With that admission, let me shout: my body is MAGICAL!  YOUR body is magical!  While I’m in the process of fully trusting … Continue reading Your Body is Magical!

Feeling ALL the Things with a Joyous Spirit and Content Heart

Do you ever stop and check in with yourself?  You know, a slow down for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and pause to notice what's going on inside type of deal.  In doing that this week I realized my heart was sobbing and my eyes wanted to water my face ... but my … Continue reading Feeling ALL the Things with a Joyous Spirit and Content Heart

Redefining Success

Do you ever struggle with success?  Like, what makes for a "wonderful" day?  How do you define a "good" workout?  How does a workday become successful?  Why would a get together with friends/family be fantastic?  When I workout I have a less than helpful habit of measuring it in comparison to previous endeavors, and a … Continue reading Redefining Success

Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

One of the benefits of having a bit of OCD is my daily workouts aren't options, they're what I do.  A downfall of this mentality, though, is it can sometimes get in the way of important stuff, like, you know, connecting with people!  Ridiculous as it may sound, on Saturday Lisa's daughter, Tiffany, invited us … Continue reading Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations