Being Great Full

I can't wait until ... things go back to normal, a vaccine comes, we can freely hug one another, our political and racial divides heal, I graduate, warmer weather comes, and the list goes on. What's on your "can't wait until" list? Mary Oliver said, "I don't want to end up simply having visited this world." As … Continue reading Being Great Full

The Beloved One (A Poem to You)

The Beloved One sees you fully, loving every bit of your being. The Blissful One adores you always, regarding you with infinite fondness. The Blessed One delights deeply, in YOU, living your daily, "mundane" life. The Beautiful One celebrates you extravagantly, roaring approval because you ARE a champion. The Bountiful One hugs you fiercely, for … Continue reading The Beloved One (A Poem to You)

Meditation on the Transformative Power of Loving All of Us Just as We Are

You know what helps me become less selfish and more giving?  My wife Lisa's love of my selfishness.  What I mean by this is Lisa loves ALL of me exactly as I am.  She accepts every single bit of me for no reason, which is what love does.  As a yoga teacher I end up … Continue reading Meditation on the Transformative Power of Loving All of Us Just as We Are

The Gospel of Snuggling

In the stillness and quiet of my first waking moments, I like to begin my day by listening to Spirit for a word or image to center my day on.  While it’s usually things like joy, curiosity, care, calm, and the like, the other day, much to my surprise it was SNUGGLE.  With a laugh … Continue reading The Gospel of Snuggling