God as a Verb

Hi Beautiful! When you read or hear the term “God”, what comes to mind?  If you’re like me, our stereotypical notion of a bearded man up in heaven is NOT something very tangible, apparent, relatable, or possibly even believable … and I’ve been a Christian my whole life!  I don’t say this to disturb or … Continue reading God as a Verb


Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

When you bring to mind someone, or thing, who hurt or wronged you, what happens in your body and spirit?  Believe it or not, these days the person who most fits that category in my neck of the woods, bringing bodily tension and energetic chaos, is me!  For my 6am Monday morning yoga class I … Continue reading Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

How Does “Anger” Belong When Love is the Point?

Even though it’s been five years and I’m incredibly happy, I’m still sometimes quite pissed at my second wife for divorcing me. In a righteous anger sort of way. After this year’s event marking the fiftieth anniversary of MLK Jr.’s death, an observer noted how “angry” some of the black speakers seemed in contrast to white presenters’ … Continue reading How Does “Anger” Belong When Love is the Point?