Redefining Success

Do you ever struggle with success?  Like, what makes for a "wonderful" day?  How do you define a "good" workout?  How does a workday become successful?  Why would a get together with friends/family be fantastic?  When I workout I have a less than helpful habit of measuring it in comparison to previous endeavors, and a … Continue reading Redefining Success

Where the Streets Have No Name

The name for the yoga practice I crafted for August is "Where the Streets Have No Name".  Partially because we'll be doing some creative things, but mostly because lately I've been finding an extra yummy part of life's menu exists in the section that's "Beyond Words".  For instance, not only do words fail to capture … Continue reading Where the Streets Have No Name

What if Prayer is More a Way of Being Than Something We Do?

What is prayer to you?  Growing up Christian, I think my experience of it was pretty normal.  It’s words one speaks/thinks to God, generally centered on praise, requests, and gratitude.  Interestingly, while in my memories the first two are pretty much all we did, these days I find focusing on thankfulness gets my soul singing … Continue reading What if Prayer is More a Way of Being Than Something We Do?

The Importance of Silence

To mark the Winter Solstice, my wife and I attended a “silent” nighttime group pilgrimage through a large local forest garden.  As a guide led several hundred of us on a slow stroll in the dark, I couldn’t help but chuckle at how many people were unable to stop themselves from talking when we were … Continue reading The Importance of Silence