Meditation on Breathing Love

Have you ever said something hurtful or dumb, and wished you could hit the rewind button to make it so the words never came out?  As Lisa and I watched the Seahawks game, while I was taunting the other team for frequently complaining to the refs over trivial things (my first mistake), I called them … Continue reading Meditation on Breathing Love


Why Pray? Relationship.

Do you pray?  Why?  I’ve been Christian my whole life and grew up with a good bit of obligation, “should”, and “ought to” when it came to my faith, so for a good bit of time I prayed because I was supposed to.  God expected us to pray, so I did.  Yet, it was often … Continue reading Why Pray? Relationship.

Meditation on Effortless Doing and Living IN the Flow

What words come to mind when you think of "life", as in your or my life?  Some of my favorite words to sum up a thriving and flourishing life are "flow", "dance", "play", and "love".  I think the more we experience reality in ways that line up with these images, the more blissful and incredible things get … Continue reading Meditation on Effortless Doing and Living IN the Flow