Dancing With Life Like a Jujutsu Master

I'm balding, need more sleep than when I was younger, am starting to grow hair in new and "fun" places like my ears, have all sorts of scars, and am getting evermore gray-haired and wrinkled.  When I dislike such physical and life changes in myself or others, I suffer.  When I yearn for something that … Continue reading Dancing With Life Like a Jujutsu Master

Grace is God’s Middle Name

My daughter Lara's middle name is Grace.  I have a hunch if Spirit, Life, Reality, God, or whatever name/word resonates with you had a middle name, it'd be Grace as well.  You see, "grace", as I'm talking about it, means "gift"; neither deserved nor undeserved, but freely given.  If I think about it, I truly own nothing.  … Continue reading Grace is God’s Middle Name

Just Mercy: Healing Ourselves and Our Country

When my wife and I saw "Just Mercy", a movie based on the true story of Bryan Stevenson fighting for people unjustly convicted or sentenced, my eyes teared and heart ached the entire movie.  We have this "interesting" human tendency where instead of doing the hard work to face and heal an issue head-on, we put … Continue reading Just Mercy: Healing Ourselves and Our Country

12 Gifts of Christianity

Cheers to you! 6+ years ago when I moved to Poulsbo, while I was unpacking, I came across the wedding vows my soon to be ex-wife and I had written for each other.  I decided to read them, and I don't know if I've ever been more undone and washed out by grief than in … Continue reading 12 Gifts of Christianity

Love in 24 Words – Part 2

Hi Beautiful! Every time I teach or practice yoga, my goal is to open us to and energize us with the energy of Love.  Yet, what is "Love"?  While I didn't realize it, for years I didn't know.  As a result, I couldn't Love myself, was disconnected from my infant daughter and (then) wife, was addicted to porn, strove to be … Continue reading Love in 24 Words – Part 2

The Preciousness of Pauses in Life

As embarrassing as it is to admit it, there have been plenty of times when I was so caught up in the hustle and bustle of DOING life, I completely missed that my wife was hitting on me.  And even worse, I occasionally even got irritated Lisa was "interrupting" my dinner making, bill paying, blog … Continue reading The Preciousness of Pauses in Life

What Might Happen After We Die and Why It Matters: Let’s Talk About Death Part 6

What do you think, or hope, happens after we die?  Say we knew with 100% certainty what will occur, what would change for you here/now? While I don’t think that’s going to happen, I am convinced talking and sharing about death will make us less afraid, less anxious, and more loving now.  While thinking about four … Continue reading What Might Happen After We Die and Why It Matters: Let’s Talk About Death Part 6

Love Doesn’t Ask You to Change, It Changes You

I wonder if you can relate with this?  When I was younger I was told, and believed, while we’re supposed to spread love and kindness, we’re inherently broken and bad.  Grace meant against “His” better judgment, God turned a blind eye to my faults and reluctantly decided to love me anyway.  We truly become our … Continue reading Love Doesn’t Ask You to Change, It Changes You

Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

When you bring to mind someone, or thing, who hurt or wronged you, what happens in your body and spirit?  Believe it or not, these days the person who most fits that category in my neck of the woods, bringing bodily tension and energetic chaos, is me!  For my 6am Monday morning yoga class I … Continue reading Invitation to Embody Forgiveness

12 Truths that Transform

How are you doing today?  I hope you are having an amazing day, and regardless of how beautiful and/or brutal it might be for you, I pray you are connected and cared for by a loving community! There’s a common “joke” you may have heard, which goes something like this: A wife asks her longtime … Continue reading 12 Truths that Transform