Light’s Magic

Walking our dog, Biscuits, the other morning the spell of this sight captured me. Spoke wellness to my soul. Breathed peace into my being. Whispered secrets of delight to my heart. Gladdened me from head to toe. And left me feeling radiant. Light is practical, universal magic of the most incredible sort. It spotlights beauty. … Continue reading Light’s Magic

Fear, the Corona Virus, Staying Sane, and Loving Big

What do you do when fear comes a'knocking, or kicks the front door down like it did recently?  Buy ALL the hand sanitizer and toilet paper, like everyone here did?  Curl up in a ball (the energy I've felt this week)?  Pour all your attention and energy into _____?  Isn't it interesting how grasping, which … Continue reading Fear, the Corona Virus, Staying Sane, and Loving Big

Grace is God’s Middle Name

My daughter Lara's middle name is Grace.  I have a hunch if Spirit, Life, Reality, God, or whatever name/word resonates with you had a middle name, it'd be Grace as well.  You see, "grace", as I'm talking about it, means "gift"; neither deserved nor undeserved, but freely given.  If I think about it, I truly own nothing.  … Continue reading Grace is God’s Middle Name

Creating an Upward Spiral

Do you ever feel haunted by your past?  Are there moments where something in the present triggers a negative memory, which then goes into loop mode in your head and sends you on a downward spiral?  Me neither! 😉 On a serious note, though, the other day I found myself in said place; stuck in … Continue reading Creating an Upward Spiral

The Flow of Prayer

One of the big blessings of growing up as an Army brat, was I got to live in Germany.    From the git go, this helped me realize the beauty of otherness and value of different perspectives.  So, when a friend said something about praying as a command/statement instead of a plea or request, because that's … Continue reading The Flow of Prayer

Minimalism, the Power of the Pause, and Wholehearted Living

Cheers to you! I struggle with making time to pause, rest, and slow down.  Can you relate?  Aside from the volume of things that have to be done and what I “think” I have to do, there's SO many people, places, and experiences I want to enjoy.  It's super easy for the suitcase of Lisa … Continue reading Minimalism, the Power of the Pause, and Wholehearted Living

How to Defeat a Feeling of Failure and Funkiness

What do you do when you feel defeated or deflated?  While the positivity I generally radiate is 100% authentic, I occasionally wonder/think: "Why do I even bother?  Why do I spend hours writing posts and blogs to encourage and increase Love when it seems like barely anyone cares?  What's wrong with my yoga teaching when … Continue reading How to Defeat a Feeling of Failure and Funkiness

The Freedom of Shifting from a “Got to” to a “Get to” Mentality

Growing up, and as a young adult, giving money/time to charity, church, or to help others was like pulling teeth.  I did it ... reluctantly.  My now teenage daughter, though, gleefully had a garage sale to raise money to get 25 Christmas presents for less fortunate kids.  My sister and brother-in-law are joyous foster parents.  … Continue reading The Freedom of Shifting from a “Got to” to a “Get to” Mentality

Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

One of the benefits of having a bit of OCD is my daily workouts aren't options, they're what I do.  A downfall of this mentality, though, is it can sometimes get in the way of important stuff, like, you know, connecting with people!  Ridiculous as it may sound, on Saturday Lisa's daughter, Tiffany, invited us … Continue reading Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

Where the Streets Have No Name

The name for the yoga practice I crafted for August is "Where the Streets Have No Name".  Partially because we'll be doing some creative things, but mostly because lately I've been finding an extra yummy part of life's menu exists in the section that's "Beyond Words".  For instance, not only do words fail to capture … Continue reading Where the Streets Have No Name