Seeing Our Blind-spots

The other day, my literal blind-spots got me thinking about the "blind-spots" we all have. While Lisa and I were out enjoying a nice, long walk on a beautiful summer day with our dog Biscuits, I heard somebody outside my field of view say something about a "nice doggy". Lacking any peripheral vision from a … Continue reading Seeing Our Blind-spots

From Fear to Freedom

I started doing a therapeutic, personal growth type program, and one of the first things it had us reflect and write on was: Tell the story about your deepest fear (with as much drama and flavor as possible). Partway through I realized, like an angel had brought me a brand-new revelation: OH MY GOSH! I … Continue reading From Fear to Freedom

Meditation on Changing Our Thinking to Better Our Being

I always run late, in that at best I'm on time, but typically I'm a couple minutes ... ish late.  That's just how I am ... or is it?  I certainly have a predisposition to pack in as much goodness as possible and am optimistic as to how long things will take, both of which … Continue reading Meditation on Changing Our Thinking to Better Our Being