Love/Live Like It’s Your Last Day

Cherish your people. Hug them deeply. Tell them “I love you”, as often as possible. I recently realized, ever since the day I should have died in 2008, that’s how I live. You never know when “this” time together, or goodbye, will be the last. What is more: Choosing to be fully with who and what is present … Continue reading Love/Live Like It’s Your Last Day

Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations

One of the benefits of having a bit of OCD is my daily workouts aren't options, they're what I do.  A downfall of this mentality, though, is it can sometimes get in the way of important stuff, like, you know, connecting with people!  Ridiculous as it may sound, on Saturday Lisa's daughter, Tiffany, invited us … Continue reading Finding Santosha (WOWness) in All Situations